Welcome to Nursery

Mrs Edwards and Miss Hunt welcome you to Nursery

The Early Years (Nursey and Reception) is where our children begin to develop their skills and understanding so as to create a firm base to continue to build upon as they move throughout the school. Our children are nurtured so that they can develop the characteristics of effective learning: playing & exploring, active learning & creating, and thinking critically.
Our Nursery provides a stimulating learning environment inclusive of all children, where they can explore, experiment and create through a range of well planned, play-based activities.

Challenge Packs

Summer Term

Puppets, Parades and Performance! – How can we retell a favourite story and rhyme to our friends and families?

In this challenge pack the children will learn about puppets, parades and performance. They will learn a number of different Nursery rhymes and be encouraged to perform their favourites to their friends. They will also look at how puppets and parades can be used to tell stories. Children will create puppets to retell fairy stories and create their own puppet show and parade for their families.

Spring Term

Wonders of the World! – How can we tell people about the exciting places in our world?

In this challenge pack the children will learn about many different countries around the world. They will begin to look at maps and flags and what makes each country unique. They will experience a range of dance and food tasting as well animals from around the world. The children will then bring their ideas together to create their own brochure to share with visitors to the school library.

Autumn Term

Let’s Celebrate! – How can we create a performance for our families?

In this challenge pack the children will learn about a variety of celebrations including: Bonfire night, Diwali, Remembrance, Hanukah, Birthdays and Christmas. They will investigate special objects used and traditions completed. This will then lead to the children thinking about their own Christmas performance and how they can share the story of Christmas with their own families.